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Flying the Dorob - Namibia's Alluring Coastal Dune Fields

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Taking off at dawn and watching the morning light play across the golden dune fields and gravel plains of the Dorob National Park is one of life’s greatest privilege's. This is a place where the Namib Desert languidly touches a wild and enchanting coastline. It is a place where fantasy meets reality and it is a photographer’s Valhalla.

With the creation of this park in 2010 the coastline from the Kunene River on the Angolan border to the Orange River on the South African border became almost a solid barrier of parks; a 10.754 million hectare mega-park larger than Portugal and is the largest terrestrial park in Africa.

The Dorob is a park of contrasts which makes not only for spectacular scenic flying but also for a wide variety of staggering aerial photographic opportunities. Playing with shadow and light over the dune fields is one that will keep any sightseer or photographer mesmerized, as will exploring the dune kissed shores, jewel like brine pans and forgotten wrecks of this spectacular region.

This is one of the wildest and untouched wildernesses left on earth and one that will without fail leave you breathless with its vastness and its ephemeral beauty.

walvis bay; lagoon, flamingos, namibia, aerial image,
The Walvis Bay Lagoon festooned with legions of Flamingo

A wetland of international importance on one of the four most important in Africa, the Walvis Bay lagoon and surrounds hosts some 75 species of birds and nearly 1.6 million birds that flock to this coastline each year

Dunes of the Lange Wand on the Atlantic coastline south of Walvis Bay

Where the dunes meet the icy Atlantic; the flight to Sandwich Harbour is one of the most spectacular you will ever experience

Flying the dunes of the Dorob National Park at dusk

Experience the coastal dune fields of the Dorob National Park by helicopter or from a fixed wing aircraft.

The Eduard Bohlen shipwreck that ran aground in 1908

Few attractions are as evocative and atmospheric as the haunting Namibian Coastline.

The rusted remains of wrecked ships are often surrounded by swirling mists and make for moody and dramatic visuals.

The caramel dunes of Meob Bay end abruptly on the oceans edge
The emerald shores of Sandwich Harbour

Too surreal to believe....when the east wind blows and temperatures rise, the normally tumultuous Atlantic Ocean lies placid and smooth, lapping gently on the burning shores of Sandwich Harbour.

A profusion of Flamingo on the jet black brine pans of Walvis Bay
The Dorob dunefields wrethed in early morning mist


Flying thousands of hours in their specially modified aircraft, aerial photographers Jay and Jan Roode have spent more than a decade photographing some of the most remote and spectacular wilderness areas of Southern Africa from above.

The continent of Africa has always held an irresistible allure and fascination for them and they seem content only when free to roam the

skies, capturing awe inspiring images of the

natural wonders of the region from above.


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