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The photographic collections featured here are a result of a vast search across the extraordinary and geographically diverse landscapes of Southern Africa on the ground and from the seat of our specially modified light aircraft. 


This is a personal selection of my favorite photographs, selected from a plethora of images taken over the 20 years of exploring Africa’s wildest places. These photographs  are particularly meaningful to me and tell a story of the beauty, grandeur and significance of the landscapes, people and wildlife that call Africa home.



Private Limited Edition Collection

Our images for sale are limited editions artwork, singed and numbered by the artist, Jay Roode. Each image is part of a limited edition of 10 signed artwork within each print size. We only offer 2 print sizes per image. This means that your image will be part of an exclusive worldwide limited edition of 10 per size or 20 in total ( 2 sizes per artwork). Limited editions not only ensures the protection of your investment, but also growth in value.


All images are printed under our supervision to ensure the highest possible quality. We provide print options in either canvas or fine-art photographic paper.


We offer 2 size options in landscape format

  • 33.11 x 23.38 inches | 84.1 x 59.4 cm (A1 size) or

  • 46.81 x 33.11 inches | 118.9 cm x 84.1 cm (A0 size)

Canvas: The actual image will be printed as per the above sizes. The canvas will be +/-4 inches | 10 cm longer in width and length to accommodate the wrap around the frame.

Fine Art Photographic Paper: The actual image will be +/-  5.5 inches | 14 cm smaller in width and length to accommodate a white border.

We do offer customized sizes on request. These customized sizes will form part of the limited edition range to ensure that we do not compromise the investments made by our other customers.


We don't provide framing options due to cost restrictions shipping from South Africa as well as the fact that framing is a very personal choice dependent on your homes design and colour schemes.

Prices: Canvas or Fine Art Photographic Paper

  • $3,295-00 (33.11 x 23.38 inches | 84.1 x 59.4 cm ) or

  • $5,295-00 (46.81 x 33.11 inches | 118.9 cm x 84.1 cm)


All prices includes worldwide shipping costs.

Average delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks

Refund Policy

We provide a full 30-day refund if you are not satisficed with your artwork. The only cost you will incur is the shipping cost back to South Africa.

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