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Namibia's Mysterious Polka Dot Landscape

For years the mystery of Namibia’s fairy circles has confounded scientists. These dusty patches of bare earth surrounded by tall grasses are dispersed evenly over vast tracks of desert and when seen from above they give the Namib landscape a decidedly polka dot appearance.


Explanations on what cause the fairy circles, which vary in size from 3m to 20m in diameter have ranged from the mundane to the supernatural, and include theories ranging from alien invasion and meteorites to plant toxins, radioactivity and zebra dust baths. In the oral myths of the Himba and the ancient tribes of San Bushmen, they ascribe the presence of these bare patches to divine intervention and that they these sand circles are in fact footprints of the Gods.

Having photographed this mysterious phenomenon for years now during all seasons from drought to plenty, one of the most endearing aspect to them is that are used as "rooms" by wandering herds of Oryx, Red Hartebeest, Springbok and Zebra for sleeping, breeding and contemplation.

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