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Updated: Feb 10, 2023

We were honored to speak at the Wildshots Photography Conference this year along with Michael Poliza, Colin Bell, Heinrich van den Berg, Nick Dyer, Ian Michler, Mike Kendrick, Aubrey Tseleng, Chris Fallows, Janene Kreyer, Issac Kaleo, and Villiers Steyn. What an inspirational day listening to and being surrounded by like minded people and kindred spirits; all passionate about the transformative capability of photography in conservation.

Founded in 2012, Wild Shots is Africa’s annual gathering of top wildlife photographers, where the power of photography to educate, inspire and conserve is discussed.

Wild Shots features a packed showcase of high-profile speakers presenting their very latest photographic work, telling tales of experiences in the field, and debating hot industry topics. The event is open to everyone with an interest in wildlife and nature photography. The event takes place in Cape Town , with an action-packed day of inspirational talks and stunning imagery.

To find out more about Wildshots 2020 see


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