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A different perspective on one of the world's

most spectacular destinations

Combining our vast knowledge of flying and photographing Namibia over the past two decades, this photo safari covers some of Namibia's most sensational photographic locations. Explore one of the world's most photographic countries from above and on the ground in this seven day photographic safari. 


Namibia is a photographer’s dream with an endless variety of photographic potential. Join professional aerial photographers Jay Roode on a bespoke aerial photographic workshop, where you will experience first-hand the mind-boggling beauty of this vast desert country as seen from above.


Immense red dunes rising off the stark desert pavement in the world’s oldest desert, wandering herds of nomadic oryx, petrified trees, ship wrecks of the Skeleton Coast, strange and wonderful salt pans in a myriad of hues, vast legions of flamingo, ancient sand rivers and the cape fur seal colonies on the edge of the icy Atlantic.


You will see and capture these and more, from the ground and from the air, under top professional assistance and dedicated guidance.

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Desert Adapted Wildlife

Photograph incredible desert adapted wildlife from above & on the ground

Being able to experience and photograph Africa’s great wildernesses from above is an incredible privilege and one that after more than a decade of exploration still leaves us breathless at the magic and exhilaration of it all. With our intensive aerial photographic workshops, we share our exceptional knowledge and experience to ensure you get that award-winning aerial shot.

After years of photographing, flying and teaching, and with our photographs receiving international acclaim and being featured in a myriad of publications such as National Geographic and GEO, we are in a unique position to offer a highly specialised aerial photographic experience in Africa for photographers that wish to push the boundaries of their photography while experiencing some of the wildest and most beautiful wilderness on earth.

We offer photographic tuition in composition; technical and post processing and all our clients are encouraged to make use of our expert knowledge for the duration of the workshop.

You will get to experience truly extraordinary and remote places and with the variable heights, elevations and angles that are possible when filming or photographing from our helicopters we can guarantee that you will create the most exceptional images. 


You do not need to be a professional photographer to enjoy the exhilarating experience of this safari, all levels of photographer are welcome.

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  • Exclusive use of a private helicopter

  • Photograph the oldest and highest dunes on earth at Sossusvlei on a dawn and dusk flights

  • Capture wandering herds of oryx, springbok and ostrich on the stark red sands of the Naukluft from above.

  • Revel in landscapes that defy description in one of the most pristine areas left on earth; a world of vast open spaces, endless horizons, dramatic desert-scapes and jagged mountain heights.

  • Be in the unique position to photograph the shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast from above including the famous Eduard Bohlen, the Otavi and the Ziela.

  • Experience the otherworldly waterscapes of the Walvis Bay lagoon and wetlands speckled with hundreds of thousands of migratory and resident birds including flamingos, pelicans and avocets.

  • Be awed at the psychedelic colours of the brine pans and enormous colonies of flamingo

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